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Hospitality Association York is a membership of accommodation providers in York, meeting on a monthly basis. With a mix of large branded hotels, independent large and small properties. Our goals and aims explained by our core strategic aims.

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By completing this form, you agree that your personal details provided may be used to provide you with details of our services, upcoming events and other news stories we feel would be beneficial to you in writing, by email or by telephone. We will only keep details of your personal data provided and will never pass this onto third parties without your prior agreement. This information will be deleted from our records at your request at any time. By visiting our website, you are voluntarily choosing to provide certain personal details to us as outlined in our Privacy & Cookies Policy. Any personal information submitted through our site or sign up forms will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and as per the General Data Protection Regulations which came in to force in May 2018. Please refer to our Privacy & Cookies Policy here.

Why do we charge a membership fee and what will this be used for?

  • We ask our members to pay a £300 per year membership fee. This fee is paid into an account registered to Hospitality Association York, and controlled by a nominated secretary (one of the members).
  • The monthly and annual balances are reported, and all costs are justified in full to all members on the minutes, produced and distributed at each meeting (held on a monthly basis). All members contribute the same membership fee, irrelevant of size, revenue or standing.
  • Fees provide a revenue and financial independence to our Association, which allow us to progress and invest in our values or shared strategic goals. This allows us to invest funds in:
    1. Our identity, representing our industry as a whole, our Associate members, York as a destination, and hospitality as a recognised professional body.
    2. Collateral aimed at furthering our values to the benefit of all members.
    3. Promotion of our Association, industry and Association members, including PR
    4. Positive communication channels and PR