Our Vision

Mission Statement

To be the collective voice of York's hospitality sector. We are passionate about the city, and aim to deliver hospitality and an experience that is ever changing and always amazing.

Vision Statement

To work collectively as an Association to deliver a progressive, passionate, and unique hospitality experience to all visitors; local, national, and international, to this ever-changing and always amazing city of York.

Our Values



To positively impact the perception of Hospitality within the local and wider area.

  • To link in and represent the local community.
  • To represent and promote diversity in all aspects.
  • To promote and support professional careers within our industry.
  • To create, develop and nurture links to local Schools, Colleges and Universities through industry promotion, work placements, interactive days, job workshops and Aspirational Fayres.
  • To promote a joined up attraction strategy on a wider basis - focus on Job centre, and other organisations to attract potential individuals into the Hospitality industry.


To understand, influence & impact key National & Global issues.

  • To promote Health and Safety excellence within our industry.
  • To support global environmental initiatives.
  • To support ethical initiatives such as standard of living, slavery abolishment, living wage and gender equality.


To influence, impact & align behind commercial efforts to raise awareness of York.

  • To communicate and share where possible, market intelligence and data in an ethical and open manner.
  • To support communicate and collaborate with other industry bodies, such as York retail.
  • To support all local initiatives such as Bloom, Ice trail, food and drink festival and demos at Christmas markets.
  • To discuss the local economic outlook
  • Invest in Hospitality – to develop professional accreditation as employers or as an industry.


To influence and impact local decision makers with regards to local issues.

  • To positively promote and advance the Hospitality sectors reputation and standing within York and the local community. Consistent and relevant promotion through local news channels and social media.
  • To advance our influence with local government bodies (planning committee, City Centre Management, Tourism plan), to enhance Tourism and our industry within York.
  • Build our alliances, with one voice. Have nominated individuals who represent HAY - on BID, Retail Forum, Make it York/Visit York, City Team York and attend meetings.
  • To drive forward our social activities as an industry, from Award Evenings, to participate as a group in key local activities such as the dragon boat race, to establishing an annual Hospitality recognition day.


To help each other with problems that are common to all of us, to give us all context.

  • Tirelessly communicate. Use our body to communicate well back into the group, feedback information and knowledge about the geographical area, other associations or groups, and news that will impact us all.
  • Build our alliance, with one Voice.
  • Set up sub groups to assist with other projects in the interest of our industry to have a larger impact, involve more team members from the hotels with their respective specialities.
  • In times of crisis, set up support systems to actively support each other and the wider community.
Hospitality Association York (HAY)

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